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   getting worse. september 16th. budget deficits force pennsylvania to borrow $1.5 billion dollars just to keep the lights on. three days later, pennsylvania's unemployment rate goes up for the second straight month. under tom corbett, we've fallen from 9th to 47th in job creation. and on september 25th, pennsylvania's credit is downgraded for the fifth time in two years. why would we give tom corbett four more years?
   at a store near you. >>reporter:the california lottery comfirms anthony fazzini discovered a winning lottery ticket on april first. worth $672-thousand dollars. >>reporter:his ticket matched five of the six mega millions number. >>reporter:he plans buy a new truck for his father, take a trip to italy, get golden state warriors tickets, and save money for his daughter's education. >>reporter:the ticket was purchased at the arco gas station on main street in oakley. >>reporter:tesla is no longer selling the model s - 60 - which you see here. >>reporter:it has new model. with all wheel drive. and more range and power. on the market. >>reporter:it's still a model s. and it's called "70-d" >>reporter:although it's the companys least expensive line. the base price is still 75- thousand dollars. >>reporter:and it's targeted at the mainstream luxury car buyer. >>reporter:and. we're keeping up with the kardashians tonight. >>reporter:this time kim is on the move. with a frenzy of photographers on her heels. >>reporter:she arrived in armenia today. to help commemorate a dark moment in that country's history -- the massacre of one-point-five billion armenians 100 years ago this month.
   they're sponsoring walk this weekend, so just go to and click on seen on tv for more information. we will link you to their website. >> 50:00 let's talk about the kardashian's, the kardashian sisters, all of them, arrive in armenia to huge crowds of fans. of course, they're armenia. >> well, arrived in the country, this is yesterday the sisters are armenia on their fathers side, visiting the country to mark the 100 year anniversary of genocide of ethnic armenia in the empire. >>> all right 6:50.
   but in a suburb of little rock, right in tornado alley -- it all looks perfectly normal. john's house holds a secret no visitor would suspect. >> they would have no idea unless they went up into the attic. >> reporter: let's go up into the attic. up here we can really see the difference. >> right. because you have bolt together structural steel. >> reporter: the frame is not made of wood but of steel. >> this an eye beam. >> reporter: john is the president of kodiak steel homes, and he says despite the economic downturn, despite the fact that these houses can cost up to 5% more than usual, folks like charlie tacket are snapping them up. >> it might cost more now, but it's going to pay for it in the end. this home isn't going anywhere. >> reporter: john is proud to say his homes can withstandz 140-mile-an-hour winds for four hours. sales have declined a bit, but john says not nearly as much as for other builders because people want to be even more
   senate with 45% opting for the democrats. the slim margin for the gop despite widespread opposition for president obama's agenda. 58% vote his policies down come november. here now steve moore of the heritage foundation, charlie is back as well. steve moore, sort through the polls for us, what do you think? >> the big problem for democrats is it was president obama who said his policies are going to be on the ballot on tuesday, and that has caused us a lot of heart burn. melissa: why is the margin getting smaller instead of bigger. i agree with you, it seems people don't like the policies. >> probably the answer is republicans still haven't totally sealed the deal. look, president obama is unpopular. republicans are unpopular as well. they haven't done the damage control that goes back to the bush years, but i'm still predicting a big republican sweep. >> go ahead, charlie. >> i don't know how you surmise from the national polls what's going to happen in louisiana
   binary. binary. takes a while for people to look through the details like wage growth, et cetera. that's what we're looking for. david: very binary. larry shover, thank you, larry. liz: great to see you all. "the willis report" is next. gerri: hello, i'm gerri willis. the economy is strong and getting stronger. that's at least according to the federal government. the u.s. economy growing at a 3 1/2% rate in the third quarter. and that translated into good news on wall street. the dow soaring 220 points. but that growth is not extending to your personal economy. according to folks across the country the economic disconnect may not bode well for incumbents when we go to the polls next week. here to weigh in, steve moore, chief economist from heritage foundation and fox news contributor. steve, great to have you here. the numbers from polls are astonishing. here we are, all three indexes poised at new highs, here is
   i want to deliver a warning this afternoon. when the american people find out how their government has secretly interpreted the pa patt act, they are going to be stunned and they are going to be angry. they're going to ask senators, "did you know what this law actually permits?" "why didn't you know before you voted on it?" the fact is, anyone can read the plain text of the patriot act, and yet many members of congress have no idea how the law is being secretly interpreted by the executive branch because that interpretation is classified. it's almost as if there were two patriot acts, and many members of congress have not read the one that matters. our constituents, of course, are totally in the dark. members of the public have no access to the secret legal interpretations so they have no idea what their government
   here we go, sweets. this is the moment. it's okay. that's it. come on. that's right. say hi to happy feet. there she goes. you're beautiful. she circled our boat almost like she was saying good-bye and thank you. and so, myrtle's story does have a storybook ending. she was free and obviously very happy. swimming towards the future. and let's hope, lots of babies. >> i'll bet you'd like myrtle the sea turtle. yeah, you would. and she seems like she's going in the right direction. the latest tracking information show that myrtle's about 300 miles southeast of san diego. she's been averaging a speedy 20 miles a day since her release. he won't be chewing food for two months. >>> abc's newest daytime talk show, behind the scenes, straight ahead.
   been a destination for many in san francisco. some of the memorabilia inside has been sold and the owners have been saying goodbye and thank you to hundreds of regulars. to many it's a trip back in time. an old family style. >> me and my brother sharedded for dinner on friday night. on friday night my grandparents grew here. and when i grew up i started coming here on dates. >> reporter: a clock stopped permanently after the earthquake in 1979. >> it's an emotional feeling. it's a gut reaction. it's hard to describe. >> reporter: cat's corner has been an icon for generations. >> there's so many memories bouncing around in there. filling every part of my being and then it's very quiet because i realize tomorrow it's
   crypts at the morgan library. >> here we are in mr. morgan's study and we're looking at the first installments of david copperfield, one shilling would have got you your monthly parts. and here is the beginning part of the become let. and it is just page after page after page of advertisements for books and pills and remedies and all kinds of things. and here you have the original illustrations that accompany each part. separated by tissue, of course, that they didn't smudge each other. and here's the very first page of the narrative. whether i shall turn out to be the hero of my own life or whether that station will be held by anybody else, these pages must show. so nowadays people buy a dickens novel, they imagine of course that that is how they merchandise books
   national championships. don't forget boise state speech and debate team, they are fierce, the so-called talking broncos just argued their way to a third straight national title. >>> someone who hasn't been at the top of his game in a while is tiger woods. despite dropping out of golf's top 100 for the first time in almost two decades, woods announced that he will play in the masters next week. the former world number one looking to capture his fifth
   rather than confront the alleged attackers and they ignored fact check ares warnings that the alleged victim was the article's only source for key details. >> it was the collective fault of the reporter the edit are the editor's
   physicist, to fact check arguments about climate change. >> it will be destructive. it's still going to have big consequences. >> so the argument that it doesn't matter what we do, we're not going to be able to
   getting an a and calling it amazing rollout, mind you this was taped. they had all the time in the world to get this done, fact-check it script edit it, make sure the links are fixed and they didn't. >> that's why i'm wondering if the obama care website
   would play to a governor certainly more than marco rubio. >> also interesting, we did fact checking at cnn politics interesting item we posted 1999 the reference to 1999 in marco rubio's speech last night, we don't want to go back to 1999 that was the last year of
   that's because the things she said today about all my grandparents was, of course, instantly fact checked and it turns out, well, three of them were born here and only one of them arrived as an immigrant
   a helicopter is powered by a top motor rotor. >> a john berman fact check. >> we have a whole department that distinguishes. >>> tensions are flaring between two allys in the middle east.
   i get little kids get things mixed up. the point here is a staff problem. they actually -- you always need to be fact checking everything especially stories that people have told over and over and over again. in my book that i just wrote, i actually have a little bit about
   fact-checked their own piece on this matter and ended up setting the record straight. it turns out president obama did not miss more than half his
   you guys. there is -- >> is this here for a reason many? >> there is a parrot -- this is important. there is a parrot who can do an impersonation of matthew mcconaughey. so we're going to close our eyes and the phrase that he does is that phrase, all right, all right, all right. so the african parrot is named einstein. >> play the first clip. >> all right, all right, all right. >> okay. >> all right, all right, all right.
   encounter with a shark. >> that's a hammerhead you're looking at that. >> all that -- >> coming inches away from being crushed. he comes out of this unscathed. >> check out the einstein parrot
   >> poor skimbles. >> he wasn't close. sadly. >>> and the winner for the 2014 "pop news" of the year elmo. elmo the sausage thief. >> i feel like we're rewarding bad behavior. >> you're right. >> the others could use a little encouragement. >> maybe a sausage on a window sill. >> should have been given it to the cat. i feel bad. that's "pop today. >> can't wait for 2015 and all you have in store for us. >>> and coming up next on the holiday heat index, what 2015 has in terms of pop culture. joining us with the hottest trends from fashion to tv to music, we have our good friends,
   favorite star of 2014. now the contenders a couple of real talkers. there was this guy. and i mean real talkers seriously. >> what? what? >> what? >> no. >> what? >> he wants to knowwhat? there was also einstein. who was channelling matthew mcconaughey. >> all right, all right. >> one more time. >> all right, all right. >> all right, all right, there you go. and then there was elmo, the canine thief. the dog. >> this was good. >> who -- instead of sharing. >> he has no problem doing this. >> oh! >> we love you so much elmo. >> and finally the cat. i couldn't let it go. one more time. >> skimlbles! you can do it! go! >> poor skimbles. >> he wasn't close.
   zero heartburn. >>> my favorite story of the morning. >> this is your shout of the morning. we all know the famous line from "dazed and confused." >> all right, all right, all right. how you doing? >> i love that movie. >> now you can meet einstein, the parrot. this could be the best matthew mcconaughey impression ever. >> all right, all right, all right. all right, all right. all right, all right. >> his owner says she started mimicking mcconaughey after watching him accept the oscar for "dallas buyers club." like matthew mcconaughey, almost never wears a shirt. >> the parrot's so chill. that's what i like about matthew. so laid back. water off a duck's back. a parrot's back. >> we all love him after he accepted that award. it was an oscar, right, for
   i have proven it once again. and he isn't our only friend. >> that's as close as you have ever gotten, lara. >> wait until you hear this. >> more? >> this. >> all right, all right, all right. >> that's einstein. the parrot from texas. who has taken to parroting his fellow texas friend, matthew mcconaughey. >> now, when you can get a dog
   i have proven it once again. and he isn't our only friend. >> that's as close as you have ever gotten, lara. >> wait until you hear this. >> more? >> this. >> all right, all right, all right. >> that's einstein. the parrot from texas. who has taken to parroting his fellow texas friend, matthew mcconaughey. >> now, when you can get a dog